Your backyard pool is an oasis in the summertime!  It’s a great water source that is often surrounded by luscious landscaping, which provides a shady oasis for pests and flowery food sources. Because of this, pools are notorious for attracting pests, especially flying ones like bees and wasps.  So, what can you do to keep your pool bee and wasp free for the summer?

DIY is only short term solution

If you look, you can find a number of DIY “quick fixes” for how to keep bees away from your pool area, but there tend to be problems with each approach.  Many of them only last a day or two and require continuous maintenance or only provide moderate relief from your bee or wasp problem. In one form or another, all of these DIY solutions take time, money, and energy. Unfortunately, DIYs are rarely completely effective, which often means you will still find yourself battling bees and wasps. If they target both types of insects, you may also find yourself killing beneficial bees that you just want to keep away from your yard.

Keeping Bees & Wasps at bay!

Save yourself the time, the expense, and the headache of trying all of those DIY approaches which rarely result in the desired outcome.  Call Flick Pest Control instead! We will come out and assess your problem and then develop a tailored program, designed specifically for your backyard, to keep it wasp-and-bee free!  We have you covered from targeted extermination services to effective bee and wasp traps, attractants and humane bee removal.

Safe Bee Removal

One of the number one questions we get is about how we remove bees from your backyard. Most people know that many honeybee populations are under threat, so exterminating them outright might not be a sustainable approach.  At Flick, we can come out and identify what type of flying insect is plaguing your yard and if it is a threatened type of bee we will build a response plan based on that information.  We have plenty of no-kill approaches that can keep vulnerable bee populations safe while keeping your backyard free of wasps and bees! We also offer services to keep your home and garden free of mozzies, fleas, and ticks so that you can enjoy your Summer without fear of any bites or stings!

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