Pests are a big problem in educational facilities

The combination of hundreds or thousands of people in a building, dining facilities, food preparation facilities, and washrooms mean that schools and other educational facilities offer exactly what pests want. Plus, they usually have plenty of entry points, making it difficult to prevent pests from coming onto the property. This is especially true in facilities where the students, themselves, may provide entry points for pests.

What are the different options available for pest control in the education industry?

Flick offers several great ways to help control pests in educational facilities. Our SMART Digital Pest Control system can offer 24/7 monitoring and non-toxic trapping and extermination solutions. Those are ideal for schools because they eliminate pests without providing any risks to the students on the premises. This is important because in school facilities, children do not just have food in designated dining facilities. Instead, children usually have food in their classrooms, leaving lunches there until lunch time, having snacks, or even sneaking food. It means that all areas of the school are subject to pests.

What are the risks associated with pests in the education industry?

It is important to think about the risk of pest-borne disease in the educational environment. Rodents can transfer diseases to children. Insects can carry disease and also act like pests that can infest students or their possessions, even cross-contaminating student homes. Plus, with younger children, pests can create a serious risk. While not common, it is possible for mice or rats to bite young children. An incident like that can be a nightmare scenario for the child, their families, and for school administrators. Regular prevention and extermination, combined with constant monitoring, can help reduce the risk of pests and of them having a negative impact on the health or welfare of anyone in the school.

What is the best way to manage pests in an educational facility?

One of the trickiest parts about pest management in an educational environment is that exclusion is impossible. Every person who enters the facility offers a potential vector for pests to get into the building. While it is impossible to completely prevent pest entry into schools, it is possible to prevent infestations. Monitoring to detect where pests may be combined with responsive pest control can prevent pests from becoming a problem. We comply with WHS and Environmental Processes and Procedures. You can be confident that our services are compliant with rules and regulations, and safe for your organization. Contact Flick today to find out more about our pest control solutions.

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