Where are the ants hiding in your home?

Ants in New Zealand can be very difficult pests to control, as each colony comprises thousands of individual ants. Even if you are repeatedly using DIY ant control products on the ant trails and temporarily repelling them, it’s not long before more appear.

Ants exhibit a wide variety of nesting behaviour. Some ants build their colony in soil producing huge mounds while others nest in building & homes. Ants have become so successful at working together that they can be found just about anywhere inside your house.

The following are areas inside your home where you are likely to find their nests:

Inside Walls

Once the pesky little ants find their way inside your home, they often establish nests in hard to reach areas like wall cavities, rooves, etc.   It can help to seal up cracks, crevices and gaps but it’s nearly impossible to keep them out altogether.


Bathrooms and wet areas provide a source of moisture for ants.  Leaking taps, blocked drains, and faulty water proofing can attract ants. Regular maintenance of these items and cleaning with a disinfectant spray will help deter ants from these areas.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens can also become a haven for ants, as the potential for food to be available from spillages, garbage and even cooking can attract foraging worker ants.  Ants can emerge from just about anywhere and find their way into food products.   Food spills should be cleaned up immediately and garbages should be emptied and kept sanitised as often as possible.

Window Frames

Window frames are a favoured nesting site for ants when rain water penetrates the wall cavity and the timber framing.  Some species of ants (carpenter ants) prefer wood which is rotting pre-conditioned by moisture to excavate and nest in.  Gaps and holes should be sealed up around window and door framing and any rotting timber should be replaced.

Hire Pest Control Technicians

Ants are mobile pest and are constantly looking to expand their domain and increase their population.  So trying to spot treat ants with DIY/off the shelf products usually only temporarily reduces the ant activity if at all.   If recurring ant problems are interfering with your family or your property, it may be time to call in the professionals who can properly evaluate the situation, identify the ant species and structure a tailor made solution for you which focuses on the source or cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

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