Did you know when attacked, European wasps release chemicals to alert other wasps? Find out more about these angry buzzers!

The European Wasp!

The European wasp is often misidentified with Native Paper Wasps. Whilst looking similar there are a few key differences: Native wasps let their legs hang low while flying, whereas a European wasp holds their legs close to their body. The type of nest is also a big giveaway. European wasps build large football shaped nests. These nests are normally at ground level and can contain up to 5000 wasps. Native wasps make much smaller nests as they are normally solitary.

Normally the best way to manage a wasp problem is prevention. Removing left over sweet food and meat in your backyard will stop wasps from being attracted to your yard. Also removing any empty nest that you find will prevent the wasps from returning there. Just make sure the nest really is empty!

Removal of a European wasps’ nest is not possible or safe unless you have the correct specialized equipment and training. We strongly, strongly, recommend you call a trained professional, like a Flick technician, to remove the nest for you. Flick technicians have both specialised training and equipment to remove wasps and other stinging insects. Call Flick on 13 14 40 if wasps or other stinging insects are a problem for you!

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