We get many calls from customers who have scheduled pest control services but think that they need to reschedule because of inclement weather. While pest service maybe a little less fun for our specialists if it is raining, in most cases a little rain is not going to interfere with our application or reduce the efficacy of our treatments.

Pest Control Rain or Shine!

To understand why the weather does not generally impact pest control services, picture your house. When we apply insecticides to the outside surfaces of your home, we are generally staying very close to the home’s perimeter. These areas are generally protected by eaves and overhangs, meaning that we can still apply products and they can still work, even if it is raining.

In fact, the rain actually brings bugs out of hiding in many instances. When they are out and about, they are far more susceptible to the chemicals we use to treat them. It can also make it easier to spot certain types of insects and help us determine the extent of your insect problem and potential nesting sites, allowing us to make more targeted pest control applications. The end result is that pesticide applications can actually be much more effective in the rain, though they may initially appear less effective because of pests coming out to get water. This is true not just for applications near your home’s perimeter, but also for applications in your yard.

Rain Can Help Pest Control Efforts

In fact, understanding how yard applications work can help you understand why rain is more of a benefit than a detriment in lawn care applications. Outdoor pesticides are often in granular form, which needs water to become their most effective. When it rains, the water helps carry these granules down into the soil, where they can get to work on the insects lurking in and under your lawn. This can give a boost to how quickly the pesticides will work to control the insects in your yard.

That said, at Flick, we are all about protecting health and safety. This commitment extends beyond our customers and to all of our staff, including our service technicians. While a little bit of rain is not going to bother them, if weather conditions are hazardous, either to our technicians or to anyone they might encounter while doing their jobs, then we will make the call to reschedule your pest service at your earliest convenience.

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