Suppose you have a food processing/manufacturing (FMCG) company. In that case, you know that food safety is paramount and demands constant vigilance and monitoring. Contaminated food presents a considerable risk to human safety and can be financially disastrous to any company that handles, stores, or distributes food.

Pests present one of the most significant risks of food contamination and destruction. Not only do they eat food stores, but they can also contaminate it with their hair and feces. That is why keeping pests from getting into food storage, production, and packaging facilities is one of the highest priorities for FMCG companies.

Stay Ahead of Pests With SMART Pest Control

There are several challenges involved in controlling pests. The primary problem always starts with trying to create a pest-free environment. While it may be possible to seal any cracks or crevices that pests could use to enter a building, pests will still find access. People entering facilities, doors open for deliveries, and even products containing all provide potential entry methods.

Our SMART system provides real-time data on where pests are likely to appear, including information on how they may be accessing the property. This data is invaluable. It allows us to develop a targeted pest control program, place our non-toxic traps in the correct locations, and visually inspect potential access points.

Digital pest control monitoring enhances food safety as it allows us to respond to changing patterns of pests in real-time. This is particularly important when surrounding areas may be experiencing infestations. The SMART system and its products harness the latest research and technology to improve responsiveness continuously. The result is better protection than traditional pest control.

In addition to actually keeping food supplies safe, FMCGs also have to worry about showing compliance. The SMART system protects from pests and provides automised reporting and documentation that can help with HACCP audits and compliance.

SMART lets us harness technology, and what we know works in pest control. Combining the two allows us to use non-toxic methods to keep your FMCG pest-free. Contact us today for more information.Call Flick today at  0800 710 010  to learn more!

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