Why You Need Pest Control (The 6 Reasons)

Let’s face it, no one likes having pests in their home. They are annoying, unhygienic and at their worse dangerous. But there is a solution out there. Highly skilled and well-trained pest control technicians are just a call away! You might think though, “why do I need pest control, I could just do it myself”. Sometimes doing your own pest control is the right choice and healthy practices like keeping your home clean and clear of any food scraps will go a long way in reducing the impact of pests. Often though, doing it yourself will only be able to deal with surface-level pests. Here are the 6 reasons that you need pest control!


1. DIY is a temporary fix

We have all been there, a couple of ants, maybe some cockroaches, have started to venture into your home. You think that going to the shops and grabbing some bug spray will solve it but you are only eliminating pests on a surface level. The source of pests is usually hidden out of sight for even the best homeowners. It takes a skilled pest controller with years of experience to be able to track the bugs back to the source and eliminate them. You must also be careful when doing DIY pest control as some over-the-counter products can be toxic if used incorrectly. Flick’s Pest control technicians are trained the best practices to not only destroy pest problems but also to do it in the least hazardous and invasive manner possible.


2. Pests can be dangerous to you and your family (serious health risks)

It can be easy to see a cockroach or mosquito as nothing more than a mind annoyance, but these pests can pose a serious danger to your family and home. Many pests can carry deadly diseases ranging from Zika virus to Lyme Disease and the deadly Hantavirus. Rats, ticks, and mosquitos pose a threat to people and should be dealt with asap. It is impossible to know for sure if an insect is a carrier and because of this, all pests should be treated as a danger. A skilled pest controller won’t just get rid of the bugs, they can stop them from returning!


3. Pest can cause unseen damage to your home or belongings

Most of the pests that will invade your home have come searching for food and they will use whatever means they can to get to it. Some pests will literally make a meal out of your house! Termites can be extremely hard to detect and can leave your home with thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Silverfish and carpet beetles feel on organic fibers in your home and will leave your linen shredded and useless. You might see the signs of these pests before you see the bugs themselves, but a Flick Pest technician can find the source and remove the threat!


4. It will help you keep a hygienic home

Even if you have a perfectly clean home that is well maintained, it is still possible for pests to invade your home. Neighbor’s food scraps might be attracting rodents or cockroaches and they could come looking for you next. If these pests get access to your food, they can completely contaminate it, rendering it unsafe to eat.  Rats and cockroaches can carry diseases and may contaminate not only food but the kitchen equipment they climb over to get to it!


5. It can save you money in the long run

Dealing with a pest problem now can stop it from turning into a pest disaster later! DIY solutions may look appealing in the short term but the problem could well just be getting worse and worse in places you cannot see. Pests like termites can costs you thousands of dollars in repairs so it is always better to be safe and call Flick at the start of a potential problem so you can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands in the future.


6. You can sleep easy knowing your home & family is protected

Perhaps the most important reason that you need pest control is so you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe. Money can’t buy the feeling of knowing your family and home are protected from any dangers that pests may present.


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