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Structure, Appearance and Characteristics

  • Crawling / Hunting Spider.
  • Cylindrical in shape
  • Body size (approx): Female 12-15mm, Male 5-8mm.
  • Grey or black bodies with a white tip on the end and several pairs of white spots on the back.
  • Legs are shiny and may span up to 50mm.
  • 1 generation per year.


Found across New Zealand. Can be found under stones, under bark, leaf litter and on bark of trees. Frequently enter homes and can be found on walls at night.

Pest Status

Bite readily and repeatedly. Bite causes discolouration, redness, blisters at the site of the bite, headaches, local burning, pain and itchiness. Bacterial infection and tissue necrosis are known side-effects of bite from this group of spiders.