Have you noticed spiders in your home? If so, it is not a real surprise. New Zealand has over 2500 spider species. While these spiders may be annoying, they are unlikely to be very dangerous to you. Still, when you get spiders in your house, you probably want to get rid of them.

Why do spiders come inside my house?

Like other pests, spiders will eventually find their way inside your home. However, they come there for different reasons. Most pests are seeking out food sources in your home, such as crumbs, unsealed food, and debris. Spiders are carnivores and are not looking for that debris. Instead, they are seeking out the other pests. So, if you have other bugs in your home, you may soon find yourself with a spider problem.

Are any of New Zealand’s spiders dangerous?

While most of New Zealand’s spiders are merely a nuisance, we have some venomous spiders, including the white tail spider. Suppose you get a spider bite and you show any symptoms beyond minor skin irritation. In that case, having a doctor check the bite is probably a good idea. Immediate medical attention can determine the severity of your reaction to a spider bite.

Can I exclude spiders from my house?

Just like with other pests, exclusion is the first course of action. Keeping spiders out of your home is more accessible than getting them out of your home. So, you want to follow the same steps you would to exclude other pests. That means sealing any cracks around your windows, doors, or walls. That can help you keep some of the spiders out.

Exterminating Spiders

If you get rid of their food source in your house, you often get rid of spiders. So, do not be surprised if your pest control specialist looks for signs of other insects. After all, these carnivores have come inside to eat something. However, many pesticides will target spiders as well as their prey. We can apply pesticides in ways designed to maximise body contact, which can speed up results. Contact Flick for more information.

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