If you are looking to book a pest control treatment soon, here are some helpful tips for how you should prepare your home.

Internal Pest Control Preparation

Internal treatment areas include skirting boards, inside roof void & gel to wet areas in home.

  • Lift loose items up off the floor e.g. clothing, toys
  • Keep children/toddlers and babies away from treatment areas until dry
  • Keep all pets away from treatment areas until dry. Suggested to put cats in cat box till treatment dry
  • Mop your floors the night before
  • Refrain from mopping floors for a week after treatment
  • Clear kitchen benchtops to remove open food products from area
  • Cover birds and fish/reptile tanks before treatment. If applicable, switch off fish tank pumps and filters

External Pest Control Preparation

External treatment areas include under eaves, around windows, external walls & along the ground.

  • Keep children and pets away from treatment areas until dry
  • Move loose items, toys, bikes, hanging clothes, edible plants, pet water & food bowls away from exterior walls
  • Remove clothing off clothes lines
  • Shut windows and doors


  • Please inform our staff when booking if pregnant or respiratory sensitivities (including babies and crawling children)
  • We recommend you stay out of the home until treatment is dry
  • For internal webbing spider treatments, ventilate your home as per recommended time frame from technician on site

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • Maintain a clean environment as excessive stored items in a home or against the exterior of a home provide breeding grounds for all manner of insects
  • Keep your external walls and roof clear of vegetation. Ants and other insects will use this as a bridge to enter your home
  • Keep up with regular pest control treatments for your home
  • Keep your pets treated for fleas and wash their soft bedding/blankets and toys regularly to help manage flea breeding grounds

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Learn more about what happens after a pest control treatment here.

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