Bait stations have been an effective and efficient way of managing rodents’ populations. Despite development and changes to the design and implementation of them, fundamentally they haven’t changed much over time. It normally works by having a box with a small opening for a rat or a mouse and inside is poisoned bait, that once consumed by the rodent will kill it. This method works well to eradicate rodents, but carries the risks associated with using poisons, namely that non-target species will be affected by the toxins. Bird eating rodesnt Predatory birds can ingest the toxin when eating poisoned prey.

Modern Bait Stations

Modern bait systems are often housed in tamper proof plastic and carefully placed to maximise exposure to rodents whilst minimising contact with anything else. This method makes them a safer option, but not foolproof. Predators can make their way into the bait boxes and consume the bait or more likely, the rodents once they’ve consumed the bait. The poison then transfers from the rodent to the predator causing secondary poisoning. Empty bait boxes also make attractive homes to other species like lizards and snakes. Even rodents like making homes in the bait boxes once they have no bait in them, amplifying the infestation you’re trying to eradicate.

We offer a SMART alternative

The Flick SMART system combats these problems. Most directly, the system is entirely non-toxic, using mechanical methods to eliminate any rodent entering the catch system. This removal of baits eliminates the risks associated with non-target species eating the bait and being poisoned. The Multi-catch system further improves this by storing up to 6 neutralised rodents thereby preventing any secondary poisoning also.

Prevention is better than a cure

The true advantage of the SMART system isn’t in it’s unique catch and kill system, but in the way it prevents infestations before they happen. The Flick SMART line records and transmits data in real time so that detection’s of rodents are signalled as soon as they happen. As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, and heading off a rodent problem before it reaches an infestation is ultimately the goal. Catching a rodent problem in its infancy means significantly less damage accrued from the affects of rodents, but also from the response of managing that infestation. The bottom line is that preventing an infestation is better for you and for the environment. By employing a Flick SMART system in your business, you can know that you’re better protected from the damage of rodents whilst also having a reduced impact on the environment.

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