Pest control for office spaces

Office pest control

Flick is the leader in safe and effective pest control for kiwi office spaces, lunch rooms and workplaces. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your areas with minimal disruption to you or your employees.

Our professionally trained pest technicians provide safe and effective treatments. We offer a selection of pest solutions to suit your community.

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Why you need pest control for your office space

Cockroaches, ants and even mice are a common health hazard in office areas across Aotearoa. Biscuit crumbs hide behind tea canisters, as communal tea facilities are infrequently wiped over. Food can be left in cupboards for weeks, not sealed properly. And, that’s just the kitchen area.

Workers often eat a quick bite at their desks. So, crumbs can hide for weeks, even months under paperwork or in keyboards. Waste paper bins may get regularly changed. But, muesli bars, sandwiches and lollies are often stored in desk drawers for a quick pick me up, out of the eyes of cleaners.

Whether it’s for your co-working space, office or workplace, call 0800 710 010. Speak to our experts and book a pest inspection.

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Which office areas are most at risk of pest infestation?

Pests, especially rodents, breed in areas with food and shelter. That means most areas where people congregate. Ants are another common pest in offices. They enter buildings via windows, under doors and through cracks in the building. Although harmless, ants can be a nuisance. They can also affect your workplace reputation. Places that are often problems for cockroaches, ants and rodents include-

  • Desks
  • Kitchenettes
  • Rubbish bins
  • Coffee machines
  • Behind water heaters
  • Bathrooms
  • Common rooms
  • Parking lots

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Keep pests away with safe, effective treatments

We can tailor a pest treatment for your office area. Ants, cockroaches and flies can be regularly treated, creating a safe workplace and potentially saving your business reputation.

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SMART Digital Pest Control

Target rodents and other pests with SMART Digital Pest Control

SMART Digital Pest Control works in conjunction with your pest control strategy.

Traditional pest control monitors for signs of rodents and pests after the damage is done.

SMART Digital Pest Control is different. Sensors detect activity in real-time. Rodent and pest activity is recorded live, and our technicians respond proactively and discreetly. Devices are placed where activity is highest. So, you can respond with real-time statistics based on number and frequency.

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Why office spaces choose SMART Digital Pest Control

Investing in SMART saves you time, money and is safe for your workforce and clients. Instead of reacting to an infestation, SMART businesses are a step ahead. SMART technology puts you in control.

  • Reporting data is live.
  • Devices are non-toxic and discreet.
  • Hard to reach and hidden places are detected and monitored.
  • Data is collected, monitored and saved remotely.

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Checking SMART digital pest control device

How does SMART Digital Pest Control work?

Our technicians visit your area to inspect, assess and identify the risk zones. We then use this information to create a tailored action plan. Sensors and traps are strategically placed onsite to detect infestations and efficiently deal with pests. These SMART units report back in real-time to our SMART data hub.

We find that technology combined with traditional practices keep rodent numbers and pests under control.

Our expert technicians will continue to regularly inspect, empty and relocate devices when needed. Armed with SMART data analysis, we provide you with essential information to take action.

Create a tailored, treatment plan that works with your workplace. Call 0800 710 010 and get your building inspected by a professional.

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