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pest control for construction NZ

Flick is the construction industry’s leader in safe and effective pest control. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your new build, renovation or fitout with minimal disruption to you or your contractors.

Our professionally trained borer and pest technicians provide safe and effective preventative treatments for residential and commercial builds.

We also offer a selection of pest solutions to suit your renovation.

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Why you need pest control for renovations

Borers caused extensive structural damage to buildings throughout the north and south islands of Aotearoa, with half of inspected homes in Wellington showing signs of borer attack.

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homes are prone to borer attacks

Which homes are most prone to borer attack?

Houses built before 1965 are most prone to borer activity. That’s because they’re more likely to be built with untreated wood or ordinary builder’s timber. Often homeowners are unaware of the extent of borer damage in their home until they decide to renovate.

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Which areas of a home are most prone to borer attack?

Borers attack untreated timber. Dark and damp areas of the home are most at risk, such as shaded areas or under floorboards. The joists and studs are also at risk which can weaken the structure of the house.

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Borer damage to home in New Zealand

Pest control can treat more than borers

Other than renovations, homeowners may notice a surprising amount of bugs in their new home construction. This is because while the house was built, it was open to the elements for many months.

Tradies bring their lunches onto the site, dropping the odd crumb. Crumbs attract ants and cockroaches. Insects then attract spiders.

As the build progresses, ants establish nests in the soil. Sometimes even mice have been spotted soon after homeowners have moved in.

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