Have you heard of Entomophagy? It’s the practice of eating insects and bugs. It’s an important staple for some cultures, where raising livestock is not optimal. Where cows, pigs and other animals would struggle to survive, insects may thrive. And this makes them a valuable food source. But unless you’ve taken deliberately to an entomophagy diet, you probably don’t want pests with your food. Here’s our 3 tips to keep pests out of food.


  1. Don’t keep any food in the house.

Ok, we admit, this really isn’t practical. However, we are going to focus on denying the rodents any access to the food sources for the rest of this blog


  1. (again) Keep everything in sealed containers.

You want to keep everything in sealed plastic as much as possible. As soon as you’ve finished preparing or using it and it needs to be stored, put it into a sealed hard plastic container. Note that the hard plastic wont stop dedicated rodents, but it’s less likely to develop perforations that says a bag of cereal might, and this makes it a good deterrent for pests like cockroaches, mites and some ants


  1. Wipe down ALL the surfaces!

If your food is in sealed containers, the pests are going to have a hard time knowing it’s there unless you have food matter left over on surfaces around the home. Food splatters on counter tops and floors are a great attractant to any kind of pests. Unfortunately for humans pests have a great sense of smell, and so having food matter left behind, will attract them like kids to a bowl of sugar at birthday party. It ain’t pretty. Wipe down those surfaces and clean any food mess!


  1. Treat regularly!

Unfortunately, as we said, pests have excellent sense of smell, rodents in particular. So even if you seal off your food in a pressurised steel drum, they may still be able to smell your food, and thus bring the unwanted vermin wandering into your little sanctuary, or worse, the cupboard where the chocolates stored. This is where Flick comes in. Our highly trained and specialised pest technicians can work to protect your home from all manner of pests with our affordable and effective treatments. Call us on 0800 710 010 and find out how we can we can help!

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