There are over 350,000 different known beetle species worldwide. They can be found in different living environments and sport a variety of feeding habits and special behaviors.

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One common feature of all beetles is the neck shield that covers the front part of the body and protects the wings meet at the back. A beetle’s stages of development go from egg, larva, pupa to a fully formed insect. Very often the larvae causes damage while the presence of beetles may simply be a sign of moisture problems. There are a variety of pest beetles that cause damage to timber, food and fabrics including:

Where do beetles live?

Beetles can be found in most environments and its characteristics vary significantly. Some groups are predators while others are herbivores. Some are found mainly in the flowers where they feed on pollen and nectar. There are many groups that live in mushrooms and largely feed on mushrooms. Others live in wood or under the bark of dead or living trees.

Why are beetles pests?

There are approximately 30,000 species of beetles in New Zealand. Some of which are pests of wood, grain, organic products or food. Another beetle who also specializes in flour products are namely family Flat Rams. Among the wood destroying beetles are eg husbocken in the south of the country. These are just some examples of beetles that can cause major problems both at home and at work.

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