At the commercial level, constant vigilance is essential to maintain food free from insects on its journey from the farm to the consumers’ table.

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Stored Product Pest Management is of the utmost importance for those in the food manufacturing. There are two types of grain pest classifications: Primary Grain Pests and Secondary Grain Pests.

Common Stored Product Pests

Primary Grain Pests

Primary grain pests are those insects which for the main part, attack and infest sound whole grains e.g. wheat, oats, barley, rice and generally carry out the immature stages of their life cycle within a grain kernel.

Secondary Grain Pests

Secondary grain pests prefer to infest broken grains, flour, cereal products and other products ranging from confectionery to dried meats and even including tobacco and pepper.

Where do stored product pests live?

As there is a wide range of stored product pest species, they are found across New Zealand. However, a majority of these pests prefer warm and humid conditions. They can be found in a variety of grains, dry food products and more depending on their preference for food.

When are stored product pests active?

Again, certain stored product pests thrive in the warm and humid conditions, so you can anticipate a spike in stored product pest damage in the summer months (or all year round for tropical regions).

Do I need professional pest control?

Stored Product Pests are regarded as critical pests within the industry and must be prevented at all cost. Insects like Stored Product Pests can cause harm to humans, farm animals, and crops, and cause serious monetary loss.

During the pest service, the technician will inspect specific areas, looking for stored product pest activity and will then recommend the appropriate treatment measures. Flick Anticimex provides structured reports with detailed documentation and fully comprehensive audit services pertinent to Stored Product Pests treatment.

Treatment methods may vary depending upon the level of infestation, the offending pest species and the product which has been contaminated. These methodologies range from pheromone monitoring, contaminated food removal, space spray treatment and/or fumigation.

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