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Structure, Appearance and Characteristics

■    Webbing Spider.
■    Distinctly mottled cream-brown.
■    Legs are reddish brown and may span up to 25mm.
■    Has same overall body shape as the Redback
■    Spider but does not inflict a dangerous bite.
■    Web may include a curled leaf as a retreat for the spider.
■    In webs without the retreat, the spider sits among the tangle and when disturbed, drops and lies curled up and still until the apparent danger has passed.

Habitat Builds untidy, tangled webs against walls, under eaves, around garage doors and among leaves on trees and shrubs. Pest Status Webs can be unsightly on structures. Can bite – but not considered dangerous. Recorded symptoms of bite include mild nausea, headache and the formation of an itchy red welt at the bite site. Webs can be unsightly on structures.